Suíomh Eolaíochta Gaelscoil na Ríthe


                                        An Aimsir/ Weather

This week the weather has been very cold with a lot of snow all over the country. We decided to do some experiments as follows.



Does water and Sprite both freeze at the same temperature?


You will need:

2 matching measuring beakers

2 Thermometers




What to do:

Pour 50mls of water into one of the beakers.

Pour 50mls of Sprite into the other beaker.

Place a thermometer in each beaker and place both beakers outside overnight.






The following morning we checked the two beakers.

All the water was frozen solid.

The Sprite was still in liquid form although the temperature had dropped below 0.


Experiment 2

To demonstrate that salt water has a lower freezing point than water.

You will need:

4 matching measuring beakers 



A teaspoon



Checking the ground temperature 





What to do:

Pour 50 mls of water into each beaker.

Put on teaspoon of salt into one beaker, 2 teaspoons into the second beaker and three teaspoons into the third beaker.

The 4th beaker has no salt.

Put the beakers ousside overnight.


Measuring salt into one of the beakers.






 Placing the beakers outside.






The water was frozen but the three beakers containing the salt were still in liquid form.

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