Suíomh Eolaíochta Gaelscoil na Ríthe


 Award of Science & Maths Excellence 2011/2012


Step 1

Green Wave

This year Rang 1 are taking part in the Greenwave project. They are monitoring and charting the daily temperature and are observing the environment for the first signs of Spring.

  Féach ANSEO


Step 2

Invite a Science Speaker to our School

Guzzler Workshop

Click Here to see more.


Guzzler Workshop






Guzzler visits Rang 1



Guzzler visits Rang 2 


Step 3

Attend or hold a science event.

Seachtain Eolaíochta

 Click on the photo above to see photos from our science day which we held during Science Week




Eolaí óg San RDS?Rang 5 took part in the BT Young Scientist

Click HERE to see more.

Eolaí Óg San RDS

 Féach anseo chun an Tionscadal Fuinneamh le Rang 5 a fhéiceáil


Step 4


Rang 1 took the outside temperature every day at 11a.m and recorded the data on a graph 

Temperature Chart


Rinneamar suirbhé leictreachais sa bhaile.

Fuaireamar amach go bhfuil an-costas ar leictreachas.

 Rang 5 took the electricity reading every Monday and worked out how many units of electricity had been used. They then recorded the data and graphed it in an Excel graph.

 They also looked at all the electricity bills for the year and graphed the results. Click Here.


Electricity meter

 Fuinneamh a úsaid muid ag teacht ar scoil 

Úsaideann 62 páiste fuinneamh athnuaithe chun teacht ar scoil.

Úsaideann 120 páiste fuinneamh neamh-athnuaithe chun teacht ar scoil.

 Rang 5 did a number of other surveys within the school. They asked each child in the school how they travelled to school e.g by car, bus, walked or cycled. They then graphed the results. HERE

Following this survey they then converted the results to renewable and non renewable energy, which they graphed. HERE


Step 5

Science Week


Rang 2 Testing foods for starch during Science Week

Tá Stáirse i ngach áit .





What material will keep ice lollies the coolest? Rang 1 



Ice lollies

We used paper, tinfoil, bubble wrap, a plastic bag to cover the ice lollies. We discovered that the tinfoil kept the ice lollies from melting longer than the other objects. We all enjoyed an ice lolly after the experiment 


Read more about Science Week HERE 






Award of Science & Maths Excellence 2010/2011 




We must complete all the activities below and more by May 2011 before we can apply for An Award of science and maths excellence for 2010/2011



Step 1 Living Things Activities

1. Mo fhrithghníomhú a Thomas, Íoslodáil

Rang 6 



























More Activities 

 My Senses


Make a wormery


Environmental Awareness & Care Activities

 Weeding our garden. Rang 6






                                                     More Photos 

More Activities: 

An Brat Glas/Green Flag



Materials Activities

Ag glanadh uisce salach     Íoslodáil


More activities


Energy and Forces Activities


Bottle Flute



Step 2 Envite a science speaker to your school


Tháinig Geraldine O'Toole ó Sonairte go dtí an scoil. Bhí sí ag cabhrú linn crainnte a chur sa scoil. Tá cúinne biodiversity againn anois sa scoil. Tá crainnte, plandaí tortaí agus bláthanna a fhás againn chun feithidí, éin agus ainmhí a mhealladh go dtí ár ghairdín.

More Photos


Step 3 Attend or hold a science event

Young Scientist and technology exhibition Rang 5

Rang 5 presented a project on the 5 senses


Read children's accounts from the day, Here


More Photos

 School science exhibition

 will be held on Thursday 17th. of June


Step 4 Maths

Integration of Maths & Science

1.Triantáin Iontacha
























More photos



Shape & space


3. Rísíní ag damhsa Íoslodáil

Estimating & Measuring weight


3. Airde & Méid coise nó broige Íoslodáil

Estimating, measuring, collecting data, & graphs




More photos


Step 5 Science Week

Our Place in Space

 Science Week  



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