Suíomh Eolaíochta Gaelscoil na Ríthe


                                    Make a  Wormery

 See how worms wriggling techniques mix up the soil and help plants grow.



You will need


A plastic bottle




Dead leaves


Black paper

2/3 earthworms



                Making the different layers of soil and sand.



                        Concentrating very hard!






 Returning the worms to their natural environment

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What to do:


Cut the top of the plastic bottle

Fill the bottle with layers of soil and thinner layers of  sand.

Put dead leaves and four teaspoons of water on top.

Carefully place the worms in the bottle.

Tape the dark paper around the sides of the bottle.

Cover the top of the bottle with cling film and make a few tiny air holes.

Add a couple of teaspoons of water each day to keep the soil moist.

After 2 weeks remove the black paper.

The worm will have mixed up the soil and made tunnels.

Return the worms to their original home 


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